about me

You likely know me through my activities at the State and University Library Göttingen at the Research and Development Department. I do research in the field of information science and Philosophy of Science. I am doing this as the the deputy head of the department at State and University Library Göttingen. There I research and develop new methods in dealing with research data and information.are a lot challenges associated with this topics, like the sustainability of digital information or semantic changes over time. I am also particularly interested in the nature of konwledge and its limits. For this, I constructed a computer simulation and investigated different aspects of science, such as the construction of theories or the distribution of knowledge.

I have studied Logic, Philosophy of Science and Computational Linguistics (digital language processing) at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and did my PhD on a study about scientific research processes.

In my spare time I love to make music, if time permits. But the most important part of my life is now dedicated to my family.