Years ago I was kinda science nerd. Back in school, I was really interested in space, computers, the human mind and all that stuff. While I loved Computer Science, I had ironically problems with Math. But not becouse I did not understand what they try to teach us. The reason was, I did not get the idea behind. Why are mathematical equations true and how does it really works? I was not interested in things, which my calculator can do way better than me. So I basicaly got lost over time. I could program a computer to solve such mathematical equations. So why should I bother to do it by my own?

That got me into Philosophy. After finishing high school, I started to study mathematical logic at the university. It really hounted me. What is the connection between the real world and this other thing? And what has this all to do with our minds? I was not really good in formal logic, as it was another abstract layer for me. But I got an understand of the basics and most important of the logical thinking. There is this borderline area between formal logic and philosohpy, which took my attention. I learnd that some of my questions, which drove me and where the reason for my sutdies in the first place, have no answer and will never have. But I also learnd a lot about science and reasoning. So I graduated than in Philosophy of Science. This mixture of theoretical thinking and still have a real world scenario was what I was looking for.