In the past years I have given lectures and talks on several occasions. Especially in the years 2010 to 2015 I presented various works and topics in the context of DARIAH-DE and other infrastructure projects on a number of events. With 2013 my position changed and topics changed. I started my job as deputy head of the research and development departmet at the SUB. I could visit many places and some I would never have been able to see without my job.

Various events have taken me to exciting places around the world. I was able to travel to most metropolises in Europe, the jungle in Indonesia, and have seen counties like Russia or the USA.

We discussed exciting topics learnd form each other and planed collaborations. But that also has a negative connotation. I hate to think of the carbon dioxid that I have released with it. And as usually with many networking events, contributions are often interchangeable. The world did not changed with my talks about research data management or the newest project.
With growing environmental awareness, such trips are becoming more and more questionable. Even if personal exchange is valuable, it also carries a high price, of which we are becoming increasingly aware.

However, sometimes I given lectures on other topics in addition to project-relevant talks related to my activities at the SUB. Here is a random selection of such (and where possible with the corresponding slides).

Talks & Teaching (selection)

2022 Anwendung von Computersimulation in der Philosophie (Teaching, with Prof. Balzer)

2021 AMASES 2021 (Präsentation)

2021 Munich Simulation Group: Wissenschaftsprozesse simuliert (Präsentation)

2020 LMU: Eine Simulations von Wissenschaftsprozessen (Präsentation)

2019 Thüringer Forschungsdatentage “Einführung in das Thema “Forschungsdaten” (Teaching / Workshop)

2017 Data Science: Summer School Data Science Göttingen (Teaching / Workshop)

2017 Project Panel Göttingen “Visualisierung” (Präsentation, Moderation)

2016 MECS Summerschool Lüneburg “On Simlulation And Science”: A simulation About the Scietific Research Process (Präsentation)

2015 DHd2015: Sustainable Humanities Data (Präsentation)

2015 DHd2015: Panel der AG Datenzentren im Verband DHd (Co-Chair)

4-5 June, 2016 MECS Workshop “Cultural Analytics”: Visual Data Gain Semantics and Research Becomes Visual (Präsentation, mit Ruth Reiche)

2014 Max Weber Stiftung Mainz DH Workshop: Technische Infrastrukturkom- ponenten und kollaboratives Arbeiten in den Geisteswissenschaften (Präsentation, with Stefan Schmunk)

2012 DH-Methodenworkshop “Metadaten in den historischen senschaften”: Panel zu Metadaten in der Forschung (Lehre)

24.-28. September, 2012 Edirom-Summer-School 2012 (ESS2012): Grundlagen zum nachhaltigen Umgang mit Forschungsdaten (Lehre)

29.09.-01.10, 2011 Dreiländerkongress für Soziologie Insbruck 2011: Eine Simulations von Wissenschaftsgemeinschaften (Präsentation)