This is a list of my recent publications. Often, however, this page might be outdated. As ORCID activly searches for recent works, my ORCID-profile might be up-to-date. Here you can find my profil on orcid. Much of what I write ends up in project proposals and reports. These types of works tend to be confidential or are unfortunately simply not published, even if they might content some interesting ideas. Anyway, here is a list of publications I have been involved in or by myself.

After working for many years on my PhD thesis (publication coming soon, see list below), I will invest more energy in smaller and more tangible research projects. As fun as it is to invest many years in an idea and watch it grow, it’s also great to take ideas out into the world and then move on.

Publication list from

Old publication list (manual curated)

Upcomming publications

  1. (Book) Balzer, Wolfgang, Daniel Kurzawe, und Klaus Manhart: Artificial societies (Q4/2022)

  2. (Book) Kurzawe, Daniel: Eine Simulation von Wissensschaftsprozessen (Q3/2021)

  3. (Article) Balzer, Wolfgang, Daniel Kurzawe: Review Processes (Q2/2022)


I created quite a number of conference posters during the years. If you would like to know more about a specific project, please contact me.