“Künstliche Gesellschaften mit PROLOG” now available!"

Our new book “Künstliche Gesellschaften mit PROLOG” is now available. This was a big milestone this year. We also created a website for the book: http://kuenstliche-gesellschaften.de It is written in German an focusing on the aspect of Social Simulations in PROLOG.

It might be interesting for people with background in Digital Humanities, Sociology, Philosophy of Science, Computer Simulations, …

From the description: This book provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary subject of social simulation with PROLOG. It primarily addresses students of humanities and social sciences as well as interested people who have no or very little experience with computer simulations in the social sphere. It offers not only a formal basic knowledge of simulation and modelling, but also demonstrates, using the straightforward PROLOG programming language, how actors, groups and societies and related social phenomena can be formalised and compiled into an executable computer programme.