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I had the honor to support the Artist Ruth Reiche with some music. Ruth had an exhibition in the Gallery "Art Supplement" in Göttingen. Ruth showed some of her latest works, mostly illustrations.

She read one of her stories and I played guitar. It was more of an sound scaoe with some imrovisation and little tunes. My setup was also quite experimental. I played guitar, whispered into a microphone and made some noises, looped and on top overdubbed some sounds with a lot of delays.

I had the idea to paraphrase the mood of the story with sounds and tunes for some key moments.

The outcome was simply fantastic. The people where just stunned and glued to Ruths words. They drifted away in some dream worlds and followed Ruths fantstic story.
The feedback from the audience was amazing, so maybe we do it some day again.


As this was really fun, I might try to record some snippets and ideas. But I think this kind of music is more a live thing.


For all the sound and guitar nerds – I had interesting setup this time. I played my modded Fender Telecaster. Unfortunately, since I don't have a recording, you'll have to trust me here that it sounded really great. My Tele is loaded with an DiMarzio Area T in the Neck position and a DiMarzio ChopperT in bridge position. For my main sound, I used my Laney Cup12R. A small 12″ single channel combo with 15 Watts pure tube power. I also used a second Laney transistor amp for stereo delay and space effects.


Here my signal flow: Guitar into a NUX Tubescreemer clone, Fulltone Distortion Pro, Nux Delay, EHX Superego, Line6 PODHD 500 and splitting into (amp 1) NUX Looper to the Lany Cub12R and (amp 2) into the other Laney for some effects.

The mic is going into the Line6 PODHD 500 and goes to the second effects amp. I used it for some noise effects and whispered word, which i put into a loop.

(media is missing - fixing soon)